It seems the Mother of Exiles has collapsed into a forgotten memory. She is drowning upon her tears, while whispering: “Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free…”  But not a single soul hears her…

With a new president rising to power within the United States of America, a new vision seems to resonate from the golden gates. A vision that translates itself into a message of division and fear. One that calls upon rejecting the diversity that for centuries has represented us and brought progress to our lands. A message that uses the name of America as a possessive boundary, where walls drive away the possibility of a better future. What is next, a moat around the wall?

While all this rhetoric has been greatly exemplified in the news, we must never forget that these messages of hate, division and fear is not what represents us. For this reason,  a series of companies have begun to create content campaigns, through Guerrilla Marketing, to counter these hateful rhetoric. According to Creative Guerrilla Marketing, this is a strategy in which you apply unconventional means and lots of imagination in order to be more memorable, yield  a higher impact. The idea is to take the consumer “by surprise, make an indelible impression and create copious amounts of social buzz” . An example of this can be found through The Modelo Group, owner of Corona, in their  “Desfronterizate” campaign. The campaign consist of multiple adds, that began last year, challenging many concepts, among them: what truly makes America, the land of diversity or “la mezcla” (as they call it in one of the Adds).

Among these adds, one in particular named  America is Great seems to stand out the most. Reaching 5.7 million views in just 5 days (according to Cadena SER), the add describes America in many ways. From a land that embodies cultural diversity, to metaphor’s such as “The land that touches both poles” or”The world’s navel as well as it’s lung’s”. The diction used to narrate,as well as the the content, in terms of imagery and the wording, is used to evoke feelings among the viewer, as to what America truly means and represents. That is why strong words such as passion or conjugations such as “we are” are used in the add to evoke a deeper impact among the viewer.

The add, by no means tries to create exclusion among residents of the USA. It tries to challenge the Cultural appropriation of what America is. A debate of whether it represents an entire continent or a nation within that continent.

In terms of marketing, it is a genius concept that tries to use the feelings of those who feel excluded by recent policies and position that the new President of the USA has taken. By channeling their sense of pride, viewers identify the product as something that communicates their values, as well as their identity. This can lead clients and potential clients to identify Corona as a product that represents them. This can have implications on  their sales, their branding, positioning, market share.

As a whole, the add marries strategic thinking, art, cultural identity, as well as guerrilla marketing to create something new. Something that appeals, represents, and unites us. It revolts against And that is a beautiful way to challenge the views of those who seek to divide us, whether by appropriation or by skewed vies. Because we are ALL AMERICANS.

Poem excerpt taken from The New Colossus, by Emma Lazarus.

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